Weekend Trip to Verona

December 9, 2017

As my boyfriend and I do not have a lot of leisure time, we try to make the quality time we have special. So most of the times, we take the chance to travel even for a day or two to explore new cities, experience new vibes, people and their local customs.

This time, we visitited the beautiful city of Verona – THE CITY OF LOVE & of Giulietta e Romeo for the second time. We already really enjoyed it for the first time, but coming here twice was magical!

Verona is such a pretty city with its ancient Arena, the beautiful shopping streets in the City Centre and great Italian Food and Flair. It really pays off to visit this Italian City for a Weekend or even longer.

What you definitely shouldn’t miss in this place:

  • Italian Drinks & Food: Our favorite Italian Drink is an Aperol Spritz. I guess you didn’t miss that, if you follow me on Instagram ;). For Food, we can definitely recommend the Pizzeria ‘Bella Napoli’, which is THE BEST IN TOWN – no matter if you order Pasta of Pizza. You’ll never forget it’s taste!
  • Try to see an Event at the ‘Arena di Verona’. In case you’re there, when ‘Intimissimi On Ice’ plays, you definitely shouldn’t miss it. In case, there is no show or event at the Arena, at least take the Tour through it. Impressive!
  • Casa di Giulietta e Romeo: Always wanted to see the Balcony where Giulietta was listening to her Romeo at night? Definitely a Must-See in Verona.
  • Stroll and shop around the two main Shopping Streets of Verona, which start directly at the Arena – you can’t miss them.

That’s the most important to see and do for a weekend, but of course you can spend days or even a week or two in Verona. What I can also recommend especially to girls, who read this blog entry, you can visit Vanessa Nail & Spa, and let your nails be done or even take great massages and therapies. Vanessa does a great job and is zealous to please your wishes. She has done a wonderful job on my nails and was very felxible on arranging a spontaneous appointment.

So while my boyfriend ran the Verona Marathon, I treated myself a bit. 😀



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