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Raising the Maypole

May 1, 2018

May 1st is a National Holiday in Austria. In the more rural areas and towns, the Maypole is raised in each and every neighborhood that day.

This is a tradition and old custom of our small country. People get together during the process of lifting the Maypole for chatting, drinking, eating or just hanging out with good friends.


Today has been that day and I enjoyed spending it with my Sister and Friends at the Maypole Event in Aigen, Salzburg. The Location there is really pretty, as it takes place in the green countryside.

On this special day, you’ll see loads of pretty girls in Dirndl Dresses and handsome lads in Lederhosn on their bikes riding around the City. Celebrations are kicking off when you hear country music bands and gunfires.

Then the Maypole is raised step by step and as soon as it’s fully fixed, local kids and adults, show-off their climbing skills on the newly arranged Maypole. There are even competitions on who can climb up to the top the fastest, etc.

I had an awesome day today and hope you enjoyed your Tuesday as well!

Here are some Pics, in case you want to visit Austria one day during this time of the year.



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