Trinidad & its surrounding

September 7, 2017

Trinidad & its Surrounding

This place is my favourite town in Cuba due to three main facts.

  • It’s a hip small UNESCO World Heritage Town
  • With loads of artistic, creative boutiques and trendy, delicious restaurants
  • It’s surrounded by various adventurous and fun 1 day-excursions

So go right ahead and visit this fun place!

Buenos Dias en Trinidad

We stayed for 5 days in Trinidad and had the pleasure to celebrate Carneval with the Cubans (at the last two week-ends of June). Watching Cubans celebrating, singing and dancing is definitely something unforgettable. So we recommend visiting this small town during these festivities. What’s also really cool to see, are the Caballeros on their horses during this time of the year. Men as well as women and the whole family masquerade as ‘Cowgirls and -boys’ and decorate their horses, when riding through the old town. In the evening, there is a huge party on the Main Plaza, where you can celebrate this feast with the locals.

CUBA | Trinidad

The BEST RESTAURANT in Trinidad is definitely ‘TABERNA La Botija‘. Normally there is a queue in front of the restaurant, because the food and atmosphere is great.

To sleep in Trinidad, we recommend ‘Casa Particulares’ in Cuba in general. It’s an easy, cheap and very nice way to get to know Cubans better and understand the local rites.

In general ‘Casa Particulares’ are similar to ‘Bed & Breakfast’ Locations, where you stay at a seperate room in a Cuban House. Most of the ‘Casa Particulares’ even have a seperate entrance and various rooms available for rent and offer you a breakfast and other excursions if wanted.

In case you have seen the whole town already, we recommend visiting the NATIONAL PARK ‘Topes de Collantes’ and the Sugar Mill Area of ‘Valle de los Ingenios’. These are destinations close nearby  Trinidad Town and great for a 1 day-excursion.

Cuba | Topes de Collantes

Hasta luego!

Besitos, KK

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