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A Week in Rovinj

June 6, 2018

We got one week off from work and didn’t book anything in advance, so we decided spontaneously to head to Rovinj (Croatia) by car.

Rovinj is one of the closest Croatian Hot Spots with Ocean Access near Austria. It’s only 5 hours away from Salzburg by car. So we packed all our Kite Bags (in case we had a possibility to go Kitesurfing nearby), two suitcases and of course – the most important: Keix (our lil’ Cavalier) and kicked-off the ride.

We arrived late at night, completely tired after a long day of work and driving and finally made it to a Boutique Hotel calledCasa Garzotto‘, which was recommended by Lonely Planet. We planned to stay there for the first two nights and look for something else afterwards in the towns Pula or Porec nearby. But the Host Maria and her employee Alex were both so friendly and warm-welcoming, so we actually stayed all week long directly in the Centre of this pretty little Town.

To head to the two main beaches (a sandy beach and one with rocks) directly in the Town Centre, we got some Bikes from the Hotel (they’re included in the price). We had so much fun riding to the different beaches each day, getting tanned and eating great Seafood dishes! THAT’S WHAT LIFE IS ALL ABOUT – right!?!

Rovinj is such a hipster Fishermen’s Village with loads of cool, small shops – of which each and every one sells creative hand-made products.

There is even a huge produce market taking place in the forenoons and at night there’s a huge hustle and bustle going on after Dinner, when people stop at the bars overwatching the Marina Bay Area sipping a glass of wine or two.



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