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Plitvice Lakes National Park

July 2, 2024

The perfect stopover location on your way South. The drive from Austria (in particular Salzburg) takes you about 6,5 hours – so, when you start your trip in the morning you can still fully enjoy the evening in the calming surrounding of the National Park.

This place is definitely worth a visit! In the Summer Season, I recommend you starting earlier – not only, because it gets really hot, but also because there are a lot of tourist busses from all over the world visiting and the queues on the river walks get longer and longer.

A ticket in the Summer Season costs EUR 40,00 per person and parking on a huge parking lot (with loads of shadow spots in the woods) costs extra per hour.

Be prepared to walk along a beautiful and unique scenery along the sixteen different lakes with views of waterfalls, endless turquoise water and greens. This National Park truly is a natural gem, so please bring only what you really need on the hike and take back home again all the garbage or plastic bottles you bring with you.

We recommend a stay of two nights in order to arrive on the first evening and enjoy the second evening with really calming down in the middle of nature.

You can hike through the National Park on various different paths depending on your strength and time. There is a boat bringing you from one part of the lake to another, which is included in the price. But if you want, you can also walk around the lake at your own pace.

Food and souvenir shops are available at different spots. So in case you get hungry or thirsty, no worries, there’s a cafeteria and restaurant available.

Where we stayed:
As we 95% of the time travel with our little dog (a cockapoo) and meanwhile as well with our baby (currently 5 months old), we were looking forward to this adventure trip for a while and wanted something special for our stay.

I‘m so happy we found this cute little glamping place called ‚Rooms & Glamping Lana Haus‘, which we really enjoyed. As we‘ve stayed there during the beginning of the high season, we even had the community area, kitchen and bathrooms almost to ourselves all the times. At night it gets quite hot, so you can activate the air ventilator/fan, which is available in the wooden tents.

Also we recommend getting your own breakfast ahead of entering the National Park (coffee, oats, fruits, etc.), because the distances in the National Park and region are long and there is not too much available.

Regarding restaurants around the National Park – when we‘ve been there, there was no big selection (only two restaurants had open), so our first choice always was: Restoran Plitvicki Dvori.

Our next stop was the Island Brač in Croatia. So this route is definitely recommended if you want to combine sports in nature and beach days. This small Croatian Island is most famous for its unbelievable beautiful beach called Zlatni Rat (Golden Horn), as it looks from a bird‘s eye perspective like an Island View in the Carribean and the lovely city of Bol. But more on that in my next blogpost.

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