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A Foggy Morning by the Lake …

December 30, 2021

If you’re up for a great Winter Trip to Austria the region Dachstein West around the famous lakes in Gosau called the ‘Gosauseen’ is perfect!

It’s the best place to come with the whole family in Winter. Due to the location, you’ll have loads of snow even if there’s no more snow in the cities nearby and its surrounding.

There are loads of TRAVEL ACTIVITIES along your way:

*Hallstatt – the cutest little vintage village nearby, which was used as inspiration for a similar village in Huizhou, China and even the company Disney got inspired and included parts of it in its movie ‘Frozen’. But more on Hallstatt HERE.

*Gosauseen – these are two idyllic mountain lakes in Gosau (a UNESCO World Heritage Site of the region Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut). The perfect scenery for hiking routes all around the lakes. BUT: be prepared and get dressed for THE COLD, as in winter sometimes it gets really icy and dense fog lies around the region.

*Dachstein West – this ski region Gosau – Russbach – Annaberg is ideal for families with small children. You have ski schools with dreamy skiing tools and various hotels with direct access to the slopes. More information can be found HERE.

So definitely a region to stop by for a few days in Winter, when in Austria!



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