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Our little Rascals

August 21, 2018

We’ve now got two Ragdoll Kittens as our new Housemates – can you believe that?!

Keiki, our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, who is the reigning Princess ?  of our lil’ home, accepted these two little furry creatures fully as her new friends and playmates. I never thought this works out sooo well, but I must say, Keix is such an intelligent dog, who knows exactly what humans expect from her. She learns so quickly and with a little bit of help from a professional dog trainer (3 hours of work with the trainer and individual training for four weeks each day), we’ve achieved a merry living together with one dogand two cats ? in our little townhouse.

When my mom’s cat got these five little cuties, we all couldn’t resist keeping all of them within the family. So G and I finally decided to have Nui (female) and Diego (male | like the former Soccer Pro Maradonna ? ), my sister also kept one little kitten in her home and mom kept two.

Here are some Pics of the two …



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