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New Year’s Resolution

January 2, 2018

Getting closer to the end of one year, makes you think about how fast time passes and to review things of the past year more closely. This is good, cause over the holiday season and the time with family and friends you get to realize what’s really important in life and what isn’t!

After a long time thinking about my resolutions for the New Year 2018, I found out that my most important GOAL/WORD in 2018 is ‘HEALTH’.


I wanna focus even more on my HEALTH & Body in 2018 – in various ways …


To start off, from now on I will eat even more healthy and be more selective in the food I buy.  I will purchase more organic products, which are known to benefit your health in various ways. E.g. Avocados: these are one of the coolest products given by Nature! They are sooo healthy, tasty and even attack the fat reserves in your body.


In addition, it’s proven that healthy relationships with friends and family are one of the reasons for a long and healthy life. So instead of wasting time with people, who bring you and your optimism down, focus on worthy relationships with humans and animals (as the good relationship to animals also supports your own health).


Over the holidays I realized once more how important sports are! Especially Outdoor Sports bright up your life by influencing your MOOD in a positive way. After a few days without sports, I always feel a bit of a back pain and do not feel as well. Instead, while or after excercising Sports one feels so enthusiastic, motivated and ready to kick-off the New Year 2018 driven and with fun in mind!


In order to have enough time for all the issues above, you definitely have to have a good work-life balance. Otherwise you’ll just stress yourself by tryng to fulfill everything and this is the exact opposite of what’s healthy for your body.

Do what makes you happy

So to sum it all up: DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY & HEALTHY!!!

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