Birthdays are always Special Days

February 2, 2018

Life is too short to be counting the Years. Just enjoy the Ride and make awesome Memories.


Birthday Cake

On January 31st, we celebrated my Baby Sis’ Birthday. Well, she is no longer a Baby, but still my younger, little Sister – at least that’s what she’ll always be to me. ?

But unfortunately even I can’t deny that time passes and my lil’ sis has meanwhile grown to an awesome young Woman, of whom we’re all really proud of. With her 29 years, she’s already leading by example. She has developed and grown to an independant, strong, warm-hearted and very intelligent young Lady.

I love Birthdays, cause these are the Days on which Family and Friends come together and celebrate for Good! It’s always a very special Feeling when coming Home for Celebrations. You feel loved, understood and warm welcomed like nowhere similar in this world.

Family and Friends are those People, who even take care of you in Bad Times. In Good Times it’s always easy to be a part of someone’s Life. But the VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE (VIPs) ? are those, who are also there for you in Hardship. False Friends will only be with you in Good Times – always try to remember that.

Therefore never put unimportant things on top of your Priority List and never find it to exhausting or tedious to work on Relationships with Family & Friends.

Special Moments



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